Wendi Wicks

Ceremonies are important markers throughout our lives. They are both beginnings and endings, transitions to another point. Their essence is in people coming together to share. Transitions can be marked by a wide variety of ceremonies; from baby welcomes, marriages and civil unions, to funerals and memorials, and everything in between. All of these deserve to be vivid treasures in your memory. They are marker points in our lives.

It is my aim as a celebrant to work with you to design and deliver a ceremony that will be vibrant, creative, memorable and accessible (in the widest sense of the word). I build from what you tell me and together web create just what you want. I am keen to create ceremonies that are meaningful for those from communities less heard from in society, such as disabled people. As an oral historian, I also know that each and every story is important and wonderful and canbe celebrated.

I have trained at the celebrant school to ensure I have the knowledge,skills and values for my practice, and am a strong supporter of CANZ. Both it and I uphold ethical and informed practice.

To your ceremony I bring professionalism, warmth, a sense of fun and the utmost respect for your stories. As a registered marriage and civil union celebrant, I look forward to the joy of of these ceremonies.  Together we can create a ceremony that tells its own unique story.