How do I Become a Celebrant?

To perform ceremonies other than weddings and civil unions, a celebrant does not require formal registration or official qualifications.

However, a celebrant does require knowledge of how to create ceremony and how to work with people. Understanding the part other people play in the ceremony, one's legal obligations and limitations is vital. CelebrantS need to have a good general knowledge of the workings of the industry. They are required to know its conventions and practices, as well as an understanding of the part played by the other professionals they will work with.

Personal qualities that a celebrant requires are public speaking ability, sound interviewing techniques, a calm reassuring manner, compassion, honesty, commitment, be of good character and have empathy and consideration for others needs. These are all important aspects of the role of the celebrant. These qualities allow the celebrant to construct a ceremony reflecting the wishes of the people they are working with.

The Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ) is an excellent starting point for those wishing to enter into celebrancy work. CANZ provides networking, support, education and mentoring through the conferences, workshops, forums, branch meetings, newsletters and a members only website area.

If you would like to join CANZ, please fill out our online application form

Becoming registered as a Civil Union or Marriage Celebrant

Information regarding the registration process is outlined on the Department of Internal Affairs website through the following links:

Becoming a Civil Union Celebrant

Becoming a Marriage Celebrant

For further information on the role of a Civil Union or Marriage Celebrant in New Zealand see:

Marriage and Civil Union Celebrants: A Guide to the Role of Celebrants in New Zealand

For further information on the registration process please contact the Department of Internal Affairs