Martin Elliott

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Martin (Martin) Elliott

Region: Bay of Plenty
Mobile: 021 245 8489

Ceremonies Provided

  • Marriage
  • Funeral
  • Name Giving
  • Civil Union
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Interment
  • Pets and Animals
  • Divorce

Region(s) Where I Provide Ceremonies

  • Bay of Plenty
  • Tauranga
  • Mt Maunganui
  • Rotorua
  • Whakatane

Languages Spoken

  • English

Celebrant since 1994

In every civilization, culture and society since the beginning of Time there have been ceremonies to acknowledge and celebrate important events and Rites of Passage. Ceremonies define who we are as a people. Many ceremonies revolve around Deities (Gods) and religion, while others have evolved from the pagan celebrations of our ancestors. Traditions are vital in our rapidly changing world as they represent the values which are our foundation stones, the things we hold on to, when all else is in a state of change.

Today many people seek to celebrate events and Rites of Passage without a religious focus, but they cannot access people to assist and lead them on such occasions. People who do not have a Faith or who do not have a Church affiliation are often unable to celebrate key family events as there appears to be no alternatives.

To overcome the lack of alternative ceremonies Martin Elliott of celebrant-bop has developed a range of non religious ceremonies to allow ordinary kiwis to formalize and celebrate, key events in the lives of their family members. However he can and does include as much religion as a family may wish in their Services.

Martin Elliott is a licensed independent Marriage Celebrant.
Working with the couple Martin will create your own special marriage ceremony.

Martin Elliott is a licensed independent Civil Union Celebrant
Martin can create a special and unique ceremony for couples wanting to formalize their relationship

Martin Elliott has been a Funeral Celebrant for 25 years. Martin can create a non religious funeral service with the family, so that the service reflects the values of the family. Martin will then lead the ceremony, including a ceremony for internment or cremation as requested. Martin can create a Eulogy or assist others to speak at the funeral.

Sadly divorce is part of NZ life, with one in three legal marriages ending up in divorce. Many people are left traumatized, emotionally battered and bruised at this time; none more so than the children, wider family, and friends of the divorced couple. As you heal from this event in your lives, and as you grow as a person have you thought of a Divorce Ceremony?
Like a marriage ceremony a divorce ceremony is unique to you; it can be what you want it to be!!
A Divorce Ceremony can be held for just one partner from the marriage, or both parties.
It is a formal or semi formal occasion where you pledge your love and commitment for your children, despite the fact that you and your partner are no longer married.
It is a time to pledge to your extended family/whanau that they are all still an integral part of your life?
An occasion to tell your friends that they do not have to choose – that you are committed to mutual friendships, even though your life is taking a new direction.

Divorce is one door closing, but another door opening, not just for you, but all your loved ones.
It is a time to pledge to commitments of the past, as you move into the future with new horizons and opportunities.
A Divorce Ceremony is a simple, dignified, and meaningful ceremony followed by a meal or drinks, held anywhere you choose and at any time.

For people with religious or church affiliations having a baby baptisted and christened is part of having a Faith. However; Martin Elliott will develop Naming Ceremonies for families who do not belong to a church but want to have a semi formal or formal ceremony to name their baby. Such ceremonies can involve whole families, especially parents, siblings and grandparents and recognises that each new born, is born into a family. The naming of “God Parents” called “Life Mentors” by Martin, is also possible. A Naming Ceremony is unique to each occasion.

In many societies there are key ages when families celebrate a Rite of Passage. In the Hebrew faith a bar mitzvah is held to celebrate the transition of a young person from childhood to adulthood.( 12 years of age for girls and 13 years of age for boys) Martin will create a non religious ceremony for a family so that they can mark the transition into adulthood of their sons and daughters . A Ceremony with formality, dignity and a sense of compassion and fun!

There are families, who would like a formal ceremony with family and friends in attendance, to celebrate the coming of age of their young adults as they turn 21. Martin can create a non religious ceremony to mark this special :coming of age” that can be held before or during a family dinner or party.

At key birthdates as we age, families acknowledge important milestones; especially in the latter years. Celebrating Granddads 75th birthday with a formal celebration of his life can be a very warm and emotional occasion. Why do we eulogise someone when they have died? Why not celebrate their lifetime achievements when they are alive! Martin can create such a ceremony with family involvement, and then lead the ceremony.

In all these ceremonies the key to its success is the involvement of as many family members as possible to help create the ceremony.

Martin Elliott will also MC: special events, seminars, conferences, prize giving's, award evenings, opening of buildings et al.

Such events can often be hugely stressful to people who do not like speaking in public or who do not have the ability or inclination to manage large numbers of people. 35 years of public speaking means Martin Elliott can take this load off the organizing committee and ensure a professional presentation on the day and an enjoyable occasion for the organizers.

For many of us our Pet is part of our family. When they pass on our grief is very real and tangeable. For children the passing of their Pet is their first association with death - so it is important a childs grief is handled well

Martin Elliott can be contacted at:
Phone: 0212 458 489