2019 CANZ Conference

The 2019/2020 budget offers $1.9 billion for mental health and well-being over the next five years but a group of us were lucky enough to get a good dose of well-being over the weekend of 24 – 26 May at the CANZ National Conference in Taranaki. Taranaki is a beautiful region with its lush farms, imposing mountain and surging sea so just being there was good for the soul. But as always it was spending time with friends, new and old, exploring where we are each at with our celebrancy that was so beneficial and warming.

Three of the plenary speakers spoke to well-being and its importance in everyone’s life including celebrants.  For most NZ celebrants, their celebrant work is blended and managed within the context of other employment making for busy lives indeed. How often do was ask each other “how have you been”, “Oh I have had a languorous afternoon and plan another tomorrow” said no celebrant ever! The response is usually “busy” but as Tricia Hendry said we often use “busy” as a badge of honour and in our busyness we can often lose something vital… our uniqueness.

But it’s not just the busyness, it’s the complexity that is often inherent in our work that can be taxing. Our work as celebrants means we are constantly with people who are going through a life transition and their normal is being disrupted even if it is a happy event.

We need to regularly top up and AFCC President Anthony Burke maintains that for the well-being of your business and for yourself you should put several hours a week away just to think and plan. My first response was “ok how do I get this time?”  but then I was reminded of a saying on the wall at my gym…  If you can’t find the time you have to make the time.

Each of the speakers offered tips on how to make changes and how to decide what to concentrate on and Winnie Duggan and Kerry-Ann Stanton from The Celebrant School ran a really worthwhile session on supervision; what it is, what to expect from it and how beneficial it can be.

Conferences are a lot work to bring together and the Taranaki Branch conference committee can be proud of their efforts. It was a great conference with great people.

Presentations And Handouts

Some of the presentations/handouts will be uploaded here as we get permission from the presenter:

Concurrent Session 1: Saturday 25 May 1.45pm
Lisa Gilmer – Client Connection: Raising the Bar on Social Media
Lynsi Latham-Saunders – Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Celebrants 

Concurrent Session 3: Saturday 25 May 3.45pm
Jeff Montgomery – BDM Update

Concurrent Session 2 & 3: Sunday 26 May 9.30am & 11.30am
Winnie Duggan & Kerry-Ann Stanton – When Facebook isn’t enough – Supervision and mentoring to maximise your skills as a celebrant

Plenary Session 5: Sunday 26 May 2.00pm
Tricia Hendry – A Sustainable You: A practical approach to mental well-being while supporting and leading others through challenging life transitions

SAVE THE DATE – 2020 CANZ Conference 23 – 24 May Wellington

It is going to be held at the Lower Hutt Events Centre, a brand new facility that comes highly recommended. Pop these dates in your calendar and we will keep you informed as more planning comes to fruition. We look forward to seeing you there!