National Executive Team 2019 – 2020

The National Executive has a governance and management role to ensure our legal obligations are met and our member celebrants are supported. Strategies are put in place to achieve our objectives in the key areas of standards, education, networking and profile-raising.

Our Executive is elected each year at the AGM – the President  for a two-year term and other members annually (plus the Immediate Past President is appointed from the elected members for one year following changeover). We aim for balanced succession with a mix of experienced and new members. The Executive is supported by three part time paid contractor positions outlined below.  Executive team members are volunteers.

The Executive members play a direct role, sometimes in collaboration with appointed specialists, in providing services for members, including our publication Panui, our website, member liaison, professional development, national education events and marketing.  Each National Executive member has a management area to coordinate, and responsibility for liaison with one or more Branches.  The flow of information, ideas and inspiration within our organisation is key to its vitality and to achieve our aim of:

Enriching Celebrants – Enriching New Zealand

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President:  Dianne Troup

  • External Engagement – BDM & FDANZ
  • Executive Meeting Chair
  • Annual Report and AGM
  • Receives concerns and complaints from public and members
  • Convenes Disciplinary Committee
  • Staff Management – Contractor – Management Support Role
  • Branch Liaison:  Auckland 
  • Financial Management
  • Membership
  • Staff Management – Contractor CANZ Virtual Assistant
  • Branch Liaison:  Top of the South
  • National Education and other Events
  • Branch Development Framework and Strategies
  • Branch Liaison: Canterbury
  • VCANZ Professional Pathways
  • Branch Liaison: Southern 
  • Communication and Marketing Framework and Strategies
  • Branch Liaison:  Waikato / Members at Large / East Coast
  • Branch Liaison:  Wellington / Wairarapa / Manawatu
  • Branch Liaison:  Taranaki

Supporting the National Executive:
CANZ Virtual Assistant: Finance and Admin support
Linda Hartstonge:  Event Manager
Karin de la Rey: Panui Newsletter Editor