Wedding Expo Policy

Funding of Branch Participation in wedding Trade Fairs/Bridal Expos

Members are free to participate in fairs/expos as individuals or in groups and may use CANZ promotional material such as the banner or pamphlets. However, Branch funds must not be used for participation in fairs/expos. The reasons are as follows:

  • The purpose of fairs/expos is to enable marketing of wedding industry goods and services to clients
  • Fairs/expos primarily benefit those suppliers who participate
  • CANZ Branches include members who are not marriage celebrants
  • Branch participation in fairs/expos does not align with CANZ organisational purposes of: (1) supporting celebrants to deliver high-quality services; (2) promoting celebrancy as the practice of creating/facilitating ceremonies and rituals which respond to the needs and values of New Zealand individuals, families and communities; and (3) influencing the place of ceremony in New Zealand

July, 2014